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  1. 2u.lc

    * It is important to pray to God frequently (Muslims do it five times a
    day) and attend a congretion at least once a week (usually mid-day on Fridays).

    Abdel Fatah el-Sisi gave Morsi an ultimatum or face a coup.
    Many other countries are grappling with democracy, some fighting to make some sense of it, especially
    the new kids on the block like Indonesia, after the dictatorial
    regime of Suharto.

  2. Katlyn

    The more you practice empowering thoughts, the more you will choose actions that sync with wealth-producing
    activity. The Universe does not care if you are
    in the bondage cycle or holding to the desire you want to show up in your life.

    This reliance on existing models in order to process information
    allows our brain to handle the immense quantity of data received at any given moment.


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