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Gorgeous Sunrise!

How’d you like to start your morning with this view of DeKorte? How about the silhouettes of the Red-winged Blackbirds below? Many thanks to Mickey Raine who got these gorgeous sunset shots lastFriday, along with a stunning Common Grackle, Egrets and Tree Swallows. What a great way to start the day!


BCAS/NJSEA Provide Homes for Tree Swallows at Skeetkill Creek Marsh

Last Friday theĀ  Bergen County Audubon Society and NJSEA installed Tree Swallow boxes at Skeetkill Creek Marsh in Ridgefield. Many thanks to Jim Macaluso and Chris Takacs of BCAS and the NJSEA’s Gaby Bennett-Meany for rolling out the welcome wagon!

Said Jim: The swallows were going in them immediately. At one point a swallow landed on a box I was holding, apparently thinking I was a big lump of mud, which I basically was by the time we finished. So bottom line I am happy that we got this done.

Great and Snowy Egrets (and how to tell the difference)

Great Egret

Jill Weiss got these great photos on Wednesday of Egrets at DeKorte. Note to newcomers: There’s an easy way to tell Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets apart: The Great Egret has a yellow bill and black feet, while the smaller Snowy Egret has the reverse, black bill and yellow feet. Meadowlands photog Mickey Raine notes that he tends to find more Great Egrets at DeKorte and far more Snowy Egrets at Mill Creek Marsh. Thanks Jill for the photos and Mickey for the tip!

Great Egret

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret


BCAS Walk At Losen Slote Creek Park On Tuesday (April 17)!

Join the Bergen County Audubon Society on Tuesday (April 17) for a guided walk through Losen Slote Creek Park in Little Ferry, one of the last hardwood lowland forests in the Meadowlands. They’ll be looking for spring migrants like warblers and flycatchers.

The walk lasts from 10 am to noon. For more information contact Don Torino at or 201-230-4983