Good Morning From A Fish Crow

Courtesy Chris Takacs

It seems just about every morning as I head out the door for work there is a Fish Crow perched atop a nearby telephone pole voicing its nasally call for the all world to hear. Although I am usually rushing to my truck dreading the coming onslaught of the morning Route 17 traffic I try to stop and give my corvid friend a hello back.

“Hey up there” I usually yell out, not caring much if my neighbors look at me a little strange ( I rarely say good morning to them). Of course the Crow never pays me any mind at all, kind of rude but then again I am sure he or she is having a very busy morning also.

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NYC Audubon Report On Yesterday’s Walks

Gabriel Willow of New York City Audubon sent along this report from yesterday’s Bergen County Audubon Society walk that covered DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst, River Barge Park in Carlstadt and the Eagles’ nest in Ridgefield Park. We thank NYC Audubon for their interest in the Meadowlands  and their camaraderie!

I hope you’ve all warmed up by now after our chilly (but beautiful) walk yesterday.  I always enjoy visiting the hidden gem of Richard W. DeKorte Park in the heart of the NJ Meadowlands, and it was a pleasure to share it with you all.

A big thanks goes out to Chris, Don, and the other knowledgeable locals from the Bergen County Audubon chapter who showed us around, and to the NJ Sports & Exposition Authority for letting us warm up and use their facilities.

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Eagles Abound Yesterday!

The BCAS hosted a guided nature walk of DeKorte Park yesterday, then headed to River Barge Park and Ridgefield Park. Eagles were easily the stars of the day. Thanks to Dee De Santis for these great picks of the majestic raptors who never fail to delight. Thanks as well to the New York City Audubon Society for making the trip across the river!