High Fliers

   We took this shot of a drag race between a Redtail and a jumbo jet earlier this month in North Arlington…

5 thoughts on “High Fliers

  1. John on Chubb Ave

    Great picture but it isn’t a *jumbo jet*. It’s a Bombardier Dash 8 departing Newark. clicky here
    Saw a female bufflehead in the little tidal pool next to the building I work in yesterday. By the time I ran in and back out with my camera she swam around the corner. Rats. Next time. Our local muskrat is getting bigger munching on the grass and I expect to see the groundhogs pretty soon. It’s fun working on Chubb Ave.

  2. NJMC

    The photo is an optical illusion as a result of the foreshortening that occurs with a telephoto lens. The Red-tailed Hawk and the plane are nowheres near each other — the Redtail is tiny in comparison, just much, much, much closer.
    Jim Wright for NJMC


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