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Laurel Hill Raven Update

   The Common Ravens at Laurel Hill in Secaucus have been tending to at least two ravenettes in their nest.

    In the photo above, Pop is flying down the cliff to get some food he stashed on a rock below the nest. 

    Earlier this week,  we saw two young but large Common Ravens flapping their wings in the nest, preparing for their first flights. They will be flying any day now.
    Previous posts on the Laurel Hill Ravens here.

Killdeer with Eggs

    We passed through a North Arlington construction site on the way to check on the progress of a new Osprey nest, and the workers pointed out this Killdeer guarding her nest, right next to a chainlink fence. 

   The nest was just a few feet from a narrow roadway chocIMG_4303-1k-a-block with construction vehicles and machinery. The noise was non-stop, but the Killdeer did not seem to mind. 

   When a construction worker approached the nest, the Killdeer scurried away, making that high-pitched whir they like to make.

   We looked at the ground where the Killdeer had been, and discovered four well-hidden eggs. when we came back the next day, we couldn't find them though they were no doubt in view.

Nature Walk this Sunday

  A reminIMG_7145der: The N.J. Meadowlands Commission and the Bergen County Audubon Society  are co-sponsoring a free Mother’s Day Walk that begins at the Ridgefield nature Center in Ridgefield on Sunday, May 10.

  The walk will also include a trip to Skeetkill Creek Marsh, with a stop to see the Monk Parakeet colony along the way.

   Click immediately below for more information and directions.

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Tree Swallow Nest Box Project



    For the fourth year in a row, Spectrum for Living residents and participants have built and donated dozens of Tree Swallow nesting boxes to the Meadwolands Commission — and lavishly decorated several of them (right).

   Last week, more than 25 adults from Spectrum for Living (many of whom are pictured below) came to DeKorte Park to deliver the boxes and watch them be installed.
    As you can see from the photo above, Tree Swallows were making a bee line for the boxes just moments after they were installed.
    Next year, Spectrum For Living hopes to get sponsors for their wonderful Tree Swallow boxes, which have been a hit with both birds and humans alike.

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Observatory Schedule for May



The William D. McDowell Observatory in DeKorte Park has a full schedule for May, including several free public observation nights, a month-long Tuesday-night astronomy course, and a special program on how NASA technology has been applied to everyday life.

Public Viewing Schedule

     Observe the skies through the 20-inch diameter telescope of the William D. McDowell Observatory each Monday and Wednesday evening. Because of the later sunsets, the viewing hours will begin at 9 pm.

    Each free session focuses on two major objects on the night sky, plus one or two other celestial objects or events depending on the observing conditions.

      Observing is weather dependent and will be canceled for that night if the skies are cloudy at the beginning of the observing session.

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