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Peregrine update


   We are still seeing the pair of Peregrine Falcons on the Route 3 Bridges over the Hackensack River — to the point where they are a staple on our eco-cruises.

  We have not seen the young one recently but we suspect he is not too far.

Anderson Creek Marsh, Secaucus

IMG_1525-1   We visited Anderson Creek Marsh recently and found some exceptional birding.IMG_1438

   We saw hundreds of peeps, a few Caspian Terns, several Yellow-crowned night herons, plus Snowy and Great Egrets and yellowlegs.

  We also saw a Northern Harrier have a run-in with several terns — all in all, a good day to be on the marsh.

   The marsh is located on the Hackensack River just south of Harmon Cove in Secaucus.

   For more information on Anderson Creek Marsh, click here.

  For more photos, click "Continue reading…"

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Don’t Forget: Harrier Meadow Walk Next Tuesday


 Our first Harrier Meadow Walk for August was a rain-out. We are hoping for better weather and a ton of shorebirds on our second attempt, next Tuesday at 1 p.m.

   This walk is done in partnership with the great folks at Bergen County Audubon Society.

   The walk is rain or shine. Lightning cancels. In case of dubious weather, we will post on this blog on Tuesday at 11a.m. if the walk is on or not.

As always, bug spray, binoculars and sunscreen are a good idea…

   Because Harrier Meadow is ordinarily closed to the public, you will need to sign a standard release to visit the site. Download it here or sign a release on Tuesday:

Download HARRIER Release

Click "Continue reading " for directions and information on rsvping.

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The Butterfly Walk Report

IMG_0071-2   The North American Butterfly Association's walk at DeKorte on Sunday was canceled at the last minute because of a forecast of heavy rain, but several people didn't get the memo.   

    Although skies often grew dark, the group of a half-dozen went on a three-hour walk around the 110-acre in search of bugs that do not like particularly like cloudy weather.  

    Walk leader Tom Halliwell, knowledgable about butterflies and the plants that attract and host them, helped the group spot and identify at least 15 species of butterflies over an incredibly informative three-hour walk — pretty good for an overcast day.    

   Click "Continue reading …" for the full list, a solid Web site for bug info and more butterfly pix.

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First Fritillary of the Summer


    We got our first Great Spangled Fritillary of the summer at DeKorte at 1:30 p.m. today, at the Jill Ann Zimkiewicz Memorial Butterfly Garden. 

   Last year we didn't get out first one until late August — and it was news. Click here for details.

   Too bad it wasn't here on Sunday for the butterfly walk.

   Tomorrow: Full report on the butterfly walk, with a great pic of a Painted Lady.



   Took this shot 10 minutes ago.  We have had a Hummingbird Clearwing Moth at our butterfly bushes five days in a row. Just sayin' …

   (Let's hope they all stick around for Sunday's butterfly walk!)