DeKorte Update: 3:15 p.m. Thursday

IMG_8477     Northern Wheatear is still along the Transco Trail, usually on the right side, often along the rocks of the Saw Mill Impoundment. Little guy is chowing down on crickets.

   We are having a great Patagonia Picnic Table Effect. As more solid come down to see the Wheatear, we are getting more eyes on the impoundment just as water levels have been significant lowered.  

   As a result, we have seen Soras, a Golden Plover, an immature Glossy Ibis, Caspian Terns,  Pintails, etc. — in addition to more than 100 Snowy Egrets, more than 70 Great Egrets  (below)and other assorted birds.  IMG_8446 Sora and Ibis seen within the hour  — along with Black- and Yellow-crowned Night Herons and frequent Ospreys.

   If you are planning to go to DeKorte and want the status and most recent location of the Wheatear (if it is still there, fingers crossed) or the Golden Plover, call Jim Wright on his cellphone until 5 p.m.. 201-785-6604. Send Jim an e-mail here.  If you do go and walk along the embankment in search of the Wheatear, be careful — there are a lot of groundhog holes and bad footing.

   To see Ray Duffy's video of the DeKorte Wheatear, click here. (It's kind of cool — thanks, Ray.)

   For directions to the park, click on the “About Us” section of our Web site,

   Or download the pdf here…Download To DeKorte Park

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