Amazing Kearny Snapping Turtle Pix

    Ron Shields writes:   "These are photos from an epic two hour battle between two manhole cover sized snapping turtles at the Kearny Marsh on Saturday. 
   "They must have had some beef with each other as they completely ignored my presence only a few feet away.
   "They splashed, rolled and floated at least twenty yards during the encounter resting for a few minutes in between rounds. 
   "Note the wounds on the head, legs and throat of the combatants.  There was no clear winner as both eventually swam away seemingly unharmed.  Needless to say, this marsh championship bout was exciting to witness and photograph!"
   We are wondering if this battle may have been a question of overly amorous turtles. Any theories?
   More pix follow on "jump."



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3 thoughts on “Amazing Kearny Snapping Turtle Pix

  1. Out walking the dog

    Holy cow. Battle of the Titans. I’ve always been a little skittish when I swim in ponds where snapping turtles live. After viewing these warriors, I think now, I’ve become downright phobic !


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