Bird Report: DeKorte 052410

   Julie McCall reports: "Helped out with a Beginner's Birding Class offered by Bergen County Audubon (BCAS) at DeKorte Park in the Meadowlands yesterday. 
   Although it was a small group,  we still had some good birding.  (More info — plus full species list for DeKorte and Disposal Road — follows.)
   (Thanks, Julie!)

   Overall, Warbler and Shorebird numbers were down from a week ago.
   Willow Flycatchers have now been around for about a week. (Both
sides of Disposal Road, near the retention pond, and near the
maintenance shed.)
    2 Cliff Swallows continue.  I've had good luck sighting them
resting on wires near the retention pond on Disposal Road, and on
wires on Disposal Road near the maintenance shed (visible from the
western part of the Transco Trail.)
    Forster's Terns are still around.  If you don't find them near the
Environmental Center (flying over the Shorebird Pool or sitting on
the rail), try looking out over the impoundment south of Transco
Trail, way out near the Turnpike.
   I saw one family of Mallard ducklings, but no other ducklings,
goslings, or cygnets.  Either they're hiding in areas not easily
seen, or everyone's still sitting on their nests.  If you're looking
for babies, you might have better luck at The Celery Farm this
   There was one excellent example of juvenile Double-crested
Cormorant plumage hanging out in the Teal Pool.

DeKorte/Disposal Rd. 5/23/10, 9am – 3:30pm (41 plus species)
(BCAS class from 1-3:30.  Birds present for BCAS class marked with *)

*Double-crested Cormorant
*Mute Swan
*Canada Goose
*Herring Gull
*Forster's Tern
*Great Egret
*Black-crowned Night Heron
Ring-necked Pheasant
*Greater Yellowlegs
*Lesser Yellowlegs
*Semipalmated Sandpiper
*Least Sandpiper
*Turkey Vulture
*Mourning Dove
*Chimney Swift
Downy Woodpecker
Willow Flycatcher
*Tree Swallow
Cliff Swallow
*Barn Swallow
*American Robin
*Gray Catbird
*Northern Mockingbird
*Cedar Waxwing
*Yellow Warbler
*Yellow-rumped Warbler
*Blackpoll Warbler
*Common Yellowthroat
*Magnolia Warbler
*Northern Cardinal
Northern Parula (heard only with no confirmation)
*Song Sparrow
*Red-winged Blackbird
*Common Grackle
Brown-headed Cowbird
*Baltimore Oriole
*American Goldfinch
*House Sparrow
European Starling

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