DeKorte Snowscapes 122810


There's still a little open water at DeKorte, with the Canvasbacks and a few Pintails huddled together — and lots of snow drifts. No sign of the Long-tailed Duck yet, but have not really looked. IMG_9990-1


One thought on “DeKorte Snowscapes 122810

  1. julie mccall

    On Sunday morning before the blizzard started, the Long-tailed Duck was hanging out in the Teal Pool, at the junction of the Saw Mill Creek Trail and the path that divides the Teal Pool from the mudflats. It was hanging out with (near?) some Buffleheads. I didn’t see a Commom Goldeneye, but I could have easily missed it among all the other ducks that were present. (Basically, every duck seen on the CBC except for the Hooded Mergansers.) There were 2 Lesser Scaup hanging out with the Canvasbacks. Oddly, I only found a single Shoveler.


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