DeKorte Update

SS3_1895 Green-winged Teal
Sandy Sorkin writes: "Frequently on cold mornings, the only birds to be seen are ducks.  

"The Green-winged Teal are still there in the hundreds along with smaller numbers of Gadwall, Northern shovelers and Northern Pintails.  

"A handful of Greater Yellowlegs are still hanging around with few raptors to be seen.  The Canvasbacks have not arrived yet, so I guess it is not officially winter."  (Thanks,Sandy!)

2 thoughts on “DeKorte Update

  1. Fred

    Another nice picture, must be nice to see them in the hundreds. location ? Next to the Wooduck I would say is the Green winged teal. by the way kearny marsh use to have a sizable population of Wood ducks years back How is it now? I was alawys thought it strage that the bellville pike lynhurst side would not never see a woodduck and yet go on the other side of bridge kearny marsh and spot Woodies in several spots.

  2. Jim Wright

    Green-winged Teal can be seen in the Shorebird Pool, often not far from the walk between the MEC and the Marsh Discovery Trail.
    Wood Ducks tend to prefer fresh water, so more likely to be in Kearny Marsh than in the brackish water nearby…


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