Bird Report 021011: Kearny Marsh

IMG_3611 IMG_3589
A quick Thursday afternoon trip to the Kearny Marsh in advance of Sunday's walk found 15+ American Coots, several Common Mergs (skittish as ever), 4 Hooded Mergs, a Red-tail, a Great Blue Heron and Black Ducks among the Mallards and Canada Geese. Plus lots of American Crows — always good to see.

Note: Access is limited to piles of plowed snow. You have to climb up a 5-foot-high snow embankment to get to the marsh. Footing wasn't too bad but did require some dexterity.

2 thoughts on “Bird Report 021011: Kearny Marsh

  1. Mike G.

    Besides many of the above, we were lucky enough to see the Moorhen plodding about after the NJMC/BCAS walk at DeKorte on Sunday.


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