Woodcocks Near DeKorte Park

Evan Zupfer writes:

"Saturday evening I went to the Meadowlands to look for owls.  Unfortunately, I did not see any owls but the Woodcock were everywhere.  As I walked along Valley Brook Ave, the Sun already set and the twilight fading, a Woodcock flew right by me.  He landed on a gated side road to the east of Valley Brook Ave and began to Peent. 

"Then another flew over.  Then another and another.  I counted six in total.  Soon the area was alive with "PEENT, PEENT,  PEENT!"  They soon exploded into their flight displays.  I could hear the whistling of their wings but in the low light it was difficult to see them.

One landed on the side road with-in 20 feet and began to Peent.  He was so close that I could make out his mottled brown and gray back and pale cinnamon underparts without using my bins.  "Beautiful!"  I watched in amazement for 15 minutes or so then returned to my car. 

During the long walk back to the DeKorte parking lot I continually heard Woodcock Peenting and display flight calls. WOW! What an Experience! It was indeed a Woodcock Frenzy."

(Thanks, Evan!)

Just a caution that the borough of Lyndhurst does not allow parking along Valley Brook, so best to park in the DeKorte lot and walk. Because the light is fading, it's a good idea to wear reflective clothing and watch out for traffic. The area has its share of speedy drivers.)

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