Moorhens at DeKorte!

This weekend could be a great time to visit DeKorte Park. The water levels in the Shorebird Pool have been lowered, and we are getting all sorts of great birds on the edges of the marsh and mudflats.

Among the sightings, a Sora yesterday and 2 Common Moorhens and several Pectoral Sandpipers today.

The trees are budding and many of the flowers are blooming. Ospreys and swallows abound.

Just don't let the Midges bug you, and watch out for ticks.

Map of Shorebird Pool with Common Moorhen location follows.

Trail guide inside map 8-10
We saw the Moorhens today just before lunch from a blind on the Marsh Discovery Trail.  We hope they will hang around after the storms.

One thought on “Moorhens at DeKorte!

  1. Mike G.

    I had the Sora and the sandpipers at about 4:30 on Wednesday, but missed the Moorhens. Because of their small size, I thought they were Least Sandpipers….


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