Osprey Lunch: Slide Show Plus!

On Monday, we caught a glimpse of an Osprey hovering over the Shorebird Pool at DeKorte Park, and when we saw it was about to go into a dive to catch a fish, we ran to the water's edge and took photos of the bird leaving the water with a fish in one of its talons.

When we got back to the office, we learned that Dennis Cheeseman had also seen the osprey and  photographed it from afar as it went into its dive and hit the water.

A few hours later, Paula Dias e-mailed us to say that she had photographed an Osprey at DeKorte flying off with its lunch.

We decided to put a slide show together with the three photographers' photos in sequence, and then post it to YouTube. You can see the result above. (Click the lower right-hand corner for a full-screen view.) Music is by Kevin MacLeod. Thanks to all!

Addendum: We are told the former fish is probably a White Perch.



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