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European Goldfinch at DeKorte

photoTom Smith took these shots of a European Goldfinch at DeKorte Park on Saturday, and posted on JerseyBirds: "This afternoon at DeKorte I was surprised to find a EUROPEAN GOLDFINCH in the Nature Reserve area south of the observatory. It seemed to be associating with some American Goldfinches. I put a photo at http://www.flickr.com/photos/tsmzth/5676487951. It doesn't seem to have a leg band.

We wondered if it was a released/escaped local bird, to which Tom replied: "I guess that it's most logical to assume that it is a local escapee.  However, there is an established population in Bermuda and in recent years a feral population has established itself in the Chicago-Milwaukee area – could one of the recent storms have blown one over?" (Thanks, Tom!)

Anyone have any thoughts?

What to Expect in May

Want to predict what we might see in the Meadowlands in May? Here are some of the highlights from this time last year.

Here are some May highlights:

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