Daily Archives: May 4, 2011

Ron Shields: Kearny Marsh Report

Ron Shields reports:

"As expected, the water level was extremely high this past weekend.  As a result, numerous Common Moorhen calls were audible but visual contact was difficult as they remained well back in the reeds. 

"Marsh Wrens abounded and were heard throughout the entire area.  Several American Coots were still around as well. 

"The highlight of my trip was a Least Bittern that was flushed from the phragmites near the Route 7 bridge and disappeared just as quick.  A Green Heron (above) was much more cooperative! 

What little mudflat existed held a variety of shorebirds.

Tricolored Heron: Not Yet Today

Copy of IMG_1684We checked out most of the Shorebird Pool between 7 and 8 a.m. today, including the back of the Transco Trail, for the Tricolored Heron, with no luck. Please e-mail us here if you see it.

We are posting a few more of Ron Shields' pix from last night, in case it was a one-day wonder.  Two more follow "on the jump."

The last time we had one here was an immature Tricolored in July 2008. It was one of our first posts on this blog. Original posts are here and here.

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