Tuesday Teaser Answered (We think)

After a bit of debate, we decided the fish is a carp. The mouth was so big that we thought it might be a large-mouth bass, taken in the Kearny Marsh (see link here).

But when you hear hoofbeats you should think horses, not zebras, and when you see big fish in the Meadowlands these days, you should think carp, not bass. (Unless it turns out to be a bass.)

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser Answered (We think)

  1. Mike G.

    The flat tail, cylindrical body and large mouth make it seem more like a small bass, but it’s really hard to tell.

  2. Michael Britt

    I think this fish is unidentifiable. Like with birding, sometimes it’s better to leave it “unidentified” with a poor look/angle/pic.


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