Monthly Archives: July 2011

Indigo Bunting

We have been hearing — and catching — glimpses of Indigo Buntings in Lyndhurst and North Arlington.

Caught this guy on a landfill the other day, but one of his cousins has been seen in DeKorte  — just not by us.

Tuesday Teaser 071211

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In honor of our upcoming Butterfly Day on July 24, here is a special Teaser.

Mickey Raine photographed this Cabbage White on last month's "Butterflies for Beginners" walk. Male or female?

Answer appears tomorrow, or on a search engine near you.

Fighting Mile-a-Minute in Ridgefield

Just a quick tip of the hat to all the volunteers in Ridgefield who have been tackling the Mile-a-Minute Weed at Skeetkill Creek Marsh.

Karen Riede reports:

"We had a session with 6 volunteers and the pile is pictured between us.  The mile-a-minute is so abundant.  The berries are starting to show."
Pictured L to R:  Julianne D'Amico, Katie Pfaff, Patty Pfaff, Madeline Pfaff, Joe D'Amico, Kathy Payerle (not pictured Karen Riede, beacuse she took the photo.)

Mile-a-Minute is a nasty invasive. Thanks, all!

Bird Report 070911: Peregrines, Skimmers

Mike Britt reports:

Two Peregrines soaring high over the shorebird pool. Two Black Skimmers were roosting on the flats with the gulls/cormorants. Later the Skimmers were "skimming" and interestingly…one flew off high and south with a fish.

As for southbound shorebirds…a Greater Yellowlegs and 6 Semipalmated Sandpipers were on the flats at Berry's Creek…meanwhile 4 Greater Yellowlegs & 2 Lesser Yellowlegs were roosting at Clay Ave.

(Thanks, Mike!)