Tuesday Teaser 092711

09860024 (2)
We picked this for the Tuesday Teaser for two resaons — it's a neat teaser and a really cool pic. Taken in the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve earlier this month by Dale Jankowski. (Thanks, Dale!)

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser 092711

  1. kc

    I second the baby snapping turtle guess. Helped a little guy like this one cross a busy street to the local pond the other day. Gorgeous little fellow.

  2. Herb Flavell

    I should have posted this to. The mother turtle lays eggs on the dam of our pond. Very few live to hatch,here’s why. The ground is hard so the female turtle pee’s on the ground and digs a hole to deposit her eggs.But that night the raccoon’s walk the dam and smell urine from the turtle nest. The next day all that’s left is egg shells. There is one large turtle in our pond that has part of the shell missing as if someone took a bite. I think it was hit by a car before it found our pond. I have a picture if I could figure out how to post. There are also some videos here. http://www.youtube.com/user/herb1013#p/u

  3. al

    i love turtles, and i try to save them if i see them crossing. a couple years ago, i saved a very big snapper on a street near overpeck.
    sad to hear that the raccoons ate your turtle eggs.


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