Laurel Hill Snow Goose

IMG_8904 We had this Snow Goose by XChange Place in Secaucus on Sunday at the First-Sunday walk.

Julie McCall saw it in Laurel Hill Park and watched it fly next door. As Julie points out: "Ray Duffy had a Snow Goose at Laurel Hill on 9/22. If it's the same one – I would assume that it is – that's 10 days… Maybe it will go for the Avocet's record? 😉 "

Note: We saw it on a Monday pontoon boat trip, too.

2 thoughts on “Laurel Hill Snow Goose

  1. Ray Duffy

    When I reported this, Chris Tackas reminded me that we had a lingering snow goose here this spring into April I believe. I don’t really bird this field during the summer but does anyone else who birds the area know if this could possibly be an injured bird that has been here the whole time?

  2. julie mccall

    Nice photo, Jim. I wasn’t there all summer, Ray, but that’s interesting. Perhaps this bird has had the Avocet beaten all along.


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