October Eagles!

Eagle 1-1
This past weekend was definitely a great time to see Bald Eagles in the Meadowlands.

Jana Brusich  this shot on Saturday by Mill Creek Point, and reports: "I witnessed a Bald Eagle chase an Osprey, then glide over the river.  It was there for quite some time perched in a near by tree.  I saw plenty of Raptors here; Northern Harrier getting escorted, Bald Eagle, Osprey, and a Red-tail. …  Lots going on at this location."

On Sunday at Laurel Hill County Park, folks on the the First Sunday of the Month Walk were treated to six Bald Eagles riding thermals. We had three more at Harrier Meadow while successfully looking for the American Avocet. (That's nine in one day — all appeared to be migrating.)

(Thanks, Jana!)

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