A Poignant Monk Parakeet Story

Joe Pescatore of Bernardsville posted a version of this on Jersey Birds yesterday… (Thanks, Joe!)

I want to share a personal story:  Earlier this year, my older brother passed away quite unexpectedly and suddenly.  

My brother was a larger-than-life powerful attorney in Bergen County, and used to tease me in good fun about my being a birder.  Sometimes, there was a bit of sibling tension between us, but always love.

Wednesday, Dec. 14, would have been his 66th birthday.  I drove to Ridgefield, where he is buried at the English Neighborhood Reformed Church.  I stood beside his grave silently for 15-20 minutes, prayed and whispered quietly about how much I missed him.  

As I was about to leave, I said I was sorry for the things we sometimes said to each other and how I wish I could tell him how much I loved him, and if only we could speak to each other….at that very moment, I heard the odd sound of some unfamiliar noisy birds.  

I looked up, and passing directly over me was a flock of no fewer than 25 Monk parakeets.  Life birds for me.  Surely sent as a sign from Heaven.  I smiled as I departed.  Life birds:  an early Christmas gift from my brother.

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