Ron Shields’ Kearny Marsh Report

Ron writes:

"A recent trip into the marsh yielded Blue- and Green-winged Teal, Wood Ducks, several juvenile Common Gallinules and a Great Blue Heron that was close enough to touch. 

"All this was capped off with a beautiful sunset!"

(Thanks, Ron!)

More pix follow!




5 thoughts on “Ron Shields’ Kearny Marsh Report

  1. Mike G.

    I believe the second picture is a juvenile Moorhen (Common Gallinule). They look a lot different from the chicks or the adults.

  2. Ron

    The second pic is indeed a juvenile moorhen. Several were seen during this trip and were highly
    approachable. The moorhen also winter over with the coots in the Kearny Marsh as well. You can search for “common moorhen” on the blog to see additional pictures of these birds.


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