Column about Ridgefield Park Eagles

jill Alice eagle

6 Bald Eagles were successfully raised by Alice & Al. Photo Credit: Jill Homcy

Don Torino, who leads so many of our Meadowlands guided walks, has a new column on about the Bald Eagles of Ridgefield Park.

Here’s a sample:

Alice & Al, the now legendary pair of Bald Eagles, continue to utilize their nest area as they wait for a decision from U.S. Fish & Wildlife and the NJDEP to see if they will be allowed to remain on the Overpeck in Ridgefield Park for another season.

More than 4 years ago a pair of Bald Eagles decided to raise their young in a most unlikely setting, an industrial part of Ridgefield Park, within sight and sound of the roaring trucks and cars on the NJ Turnpike and Route 46.

Unfortunately the tree they chose to build their huge nest is located on a toxic waste site scheduled to be remediated for a proposed $660 million development project — threatening the future of this magnificent pair of endangered birds.

The link is here.

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