One thought on “Birding by Boat Juvi Yellow-crowned w Caspian Tern-5 web

  1. Marya

    Hi John -Your website is brlanilit so happy to have found it.This morning, I saw two delightful birds in my backyard. After searching thru my Audubon book, your pictures and Cornell Lab’s site, I still am baffled as to what kind they are.Would you please help me to identify them?The date is Oct 7, 2012, and I’m in Oakland Park, FL. Beak to tail tip, they are about 3-4 inches long, delicate looking, not frightened of me, and flit from branch to branch with lightning speed. One has noticeably more yellow than the other. They seem quiet (but with as many birds as I have here, maybe they are just drowned out) and I could not identify their call.I’ve included photos. My apologies, but this is the best I could manage. Each photo has a cropped version for better viewing.Thanks so much!Kathy


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