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  1. Liberty

    I can hardly wait…we’ve missed a whole cycle of life at MCM…it is a life line to me…watching the Canada Geese and their Goslings, the duck families and the Carp returning to spawn…the Snappers and Diamondbacks mating and laying their eggs…then seeing the nests dug up and the eggs eaten…the Robin egg shells on the ground ( that beautiful blue)…the different species of birds returning…the Skimmers silently flying by in unison…the baby Groundhogs and sometimes (“Treehogs”) as they like to climb the trees too.
    For someone who spends most days in NYC it is VERY important to experience the natural beauty of life and nature that is soooo close to where I live. It has been a GREAT loss to me not having my evening and week end walks during this “renovation” period…so fingers crossed that the work will be finished sooner than later ! Please!
    It looks lovely and it is nice seeing the progress reports and the pictures of the creatures.
    Thank you for protecting this magical place.


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