Mill Creek Marsh Update

Things are moving along at Mill Creek Marsh. The contractor is still working on the trail, and we hope to open the gates next month. Still…no promises.

In addition to the trail work, new woody and herbaceous native plants are being installed near the entrance, thanks to a Song Bird and Butterfly Habitat grant from the Bergen County Audubon Society, which provided $3,580  to purchase the plants. Timing for planting is great given the recent rains.

Katy Weidel, the Project Representative, says, “Once complete, we’ll have planted close to 4,000 plugs of seven herbaceous species & 62 containers of four woody species.   We chose plants loved by pollinators… who play a critical role in keeping our ecosystems healthy and diverse. ” 

The trees and shrubs planted are Shadblow Serviceberry, Red-twig Dogwood, Witchhazel and Elderberry. The herbaceous plants are Common Milkweed, Butterfly Weed, Wild Bergamot, Switchgrass, Black-eyed Susan, Gray Goldenrod, and New York Aster.

2 thoughts on “Mill Creek Marsh Update

    1. Laura

      I’m with you Jeanie. I have been praying to be able to run around the Mardh again. Miss the animals and trail deeply.


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