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Painted Turtles Basking in Carlstadt

Painted Turtles Don Smith Carlstadt Painted Turtle Don Smith CarlstadtPainted turtles are not uncommon in woodland pools, rivers, wet meadows, bogs, and slow-moving streams from Maine to Alabama. They are less common in brackish water. This pair was photographed in a brackish marsh in Carlstadt. Painted turtles spend their lives in a small area – most won’t travel more than 100 meters as long as living conditions are favorable. They feed on aquatic insects, snails, small fish, and carrion, though their diet is also about 50% vegetation. When in water, they usually remain submerged. They bask on hummocks, logs, rocks – or tires, if they’re in the meadowlands. They may gather in large groups.

Natural History of the Meadowlands Talk

natural-historyFREE. Monday, June 29, 1 – 2:30 pm
Meadowlands Environment Center

Natural Resources Specialist Brett Bragin will discuss how the Meadowlands was formed 20,000 years ago during the last ice age, and how nature and humanity have since impacted the region. Bragin will also lecture on the remarkable comeback of fish and other wildlife in the Meadowlands. Register here