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New (for the Year, for DeKorte) Butterfly


    For those keeping score at home, we saw this Banded Hairstreak on the Butterfly Weed at the Jill Ann Ziemkiewicz Butterfly Garden last Thursday.
    Naturally, we were carrying the wrong lens to photograph it properly. We'll try to get a better shot and (if space allows) add it to the next printing of our new DeKorte Butterfly Guide.
    More on this butterfly here.
    Also: We had our first DeKorte Monarch on Monday.


DeKorte Butterflies 062910 — 11 Species

  We will be doing butterfly counts at DeKorte Park from time to time this   IMG_3247
summer as schedules allow, using a new digital DeKorte Butterfly Count Sheet that the public is free to download and use.
   After our noon Marsh Discovery Trail Walk today, we counted 11 species of butterflies — including an American Lady (above) and Viceroy (right) — plus a Snowberry Clear-winged Moth.

   Download the list here:

Download DeKorte Butterfly Count Sheet

Full list and Snowberry Clearwing  photo follow.

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Counting Butterflies at DeKorte


   In the interests of citizen science, we are working up a digital tally sheet that you can copy-and-paste and use to submit butterfly sightings at DeKorte Park.
   We understand that butterfly sightings  in our part of the state are under-reported, and we wanted to at least see if we could get the ball rolling here.
   We just did a quick count, and our timing was great. We counted at least eight species, including two dozen skippers of various
types, with Broad-winged Skippers like the one above predominating.

  You can download the sheet here:

Download DeKorte Butterfly Count Sheet

   Please e-mail Jim Wright here with your butterfly counts and — equally important — suggestions on improving this work in progress.

   Results of our recent count are below.  

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Looking Ahead: July

IMG_9942-1    In case you're planning ahead, here are some Meadowlands highlights  from last July (click on the date to read the post):

   July 6: Butterfly in Progress

   July 6: A Walk to Remember (Black Skimmers)

   July 9: Baby Waxwing?

   July 10: (Young) Peregrine's Progress

   July 13: Cormorant Vs. Eel

   July 15: Osprey Nest in Kearny

  July 28: Butterfly Report (Viceroy)

  July 29: Praying Mantis


Mill Creek Marsh Paddling Guide: Digital Version

   NJMC Mill Creek Canoe    By popular demand, we are providing a downloadable PDf of our Mill Creek Marsh Paddling Guide.

This way you can see a digital version and save paper. Do not try to print it out… It is set up to be read on a computer.

   We are posting all six of our new or reprinted guides, with a different one each day.

 Next: The Hackensack River Guide.

Download NJMC Mill Creek Marsh Paddling Guide