Daily Archives: June 8, 2010

Least Bittern at DeKorte


     The Tuesday noon free guided walk on the Marsh Discovery Trail turned up a nice surprise — a Least Bittern (above) along the shoreline about 50 yards off the Transco Trail.
   If the bird is in the open, you may be able to see it from the boardwalk next to the Meadowlands Environment Center, or possibly the Transco Trail.
   On our walk today, we also got good looks at half a dozen Black-crowned Night Herons, a few Gadwall, and plenty of bright-blue-billed Ruddy Ducks.
   The Marsh Discovery Trail will be open for a free guided walk on Thursday at noon, and we will be sure to look for the bittern. These Tuesday and Thursday walks are co-sponsored by Bergen County Audubon.

   E-mail Jim Wright here to rsvp or for more information.