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Black Skimmer Successfully Released into Marsh

    An injured Black Skimmer – a bird on the NJDEP endangered-species list -– was successfully released Friday morning near Laurel Hill County Park in Secaucus after a miraculous recovery at the Raptor Trust rehabilitation facility in Millington.
  New Jersey Meadowlands Commission naturalists Mike Newhouse and Brett Bragin released the bird from a pontoon boat in Saw Mill Creek Wildlife Management Area in North Arlington.

   It flew down the channel, banked left at a bend, and disappeared.

 A pic of a skimmer in action, plus the rest of the story, folllows.

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Meadowlands Birds Checklist: Digital Version

  NJMC Birds
   By popular demand, we are providing a downloadable PDf of our Meadowlands Bird Checklist. This way you can see a digital version and save paper. Do not try to print it out… It is set up to be read on a computer.

   We are posting all six of our new or reprinted guides over the next week.

   Next: Mill Creek Marsh Paddling Guide.

Download NJMC_bird_list_lores