Daily Archives: June 15, 2010

Marsh (Wren) Discovery Trail Walk


   We had two great guided walks on the Marsh Discovery Trail today. The big discovery was actually seeing a Marsh Wren (about) after being serenaded secretively for so many weeks.
    The next free guided walk with Bergen County Audubon Society is Thursday at noon. You never know what you might see (or photograph). We are regularly seeing Ruddies and Black-crowned Night Herons, plus spectacular looks at Great Egrets.
   We meet at the entrance to Marsh Discovery Trail near the Guardhouse at 11:59 a.m.  Walks are canceled if weather stinks.


More On Sunday’s Walk

    We had so many people at our Sunday nature walk that we split into two groups, plus stragglers, and learned a heap about native plants, butterflies and why they go hand in hand.
   Edith Wallace, a college professor, botanist and all-around pip, led the way.
   A pleasant surprise was the number of butterflies we saw — including Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, Black Swallowtail, Red Admiral, eastern-Tailed Blue, Broad-winged Skipper, Sliver-spotted Skipper, Orange Sulphur and Cabbage White. 

   We also had a neat surprise or two, including an amazing little spider and an unusual caterpillar that we'll talk about on another post.

  Several pix follow.

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