Daily Archives: June 24, 2010

Injured Skimmer Update — Great News!

   The injured Black Skimmer rescued in Secaucus on June 9 and brought to the Raptor Trust by the Meadowlands Commission has made a miraculous recovery.
   As recently as Monday, the Raptor Trust staff did not think the bird would survive from an apparent impact injury. The bird was force-fed and tube-fed, and suddenly has made an about-face. The NJMC plans to release the bird in the Meadowlands on Friday morning.  Link to earlier post is here.
   More on the Raptor Trust here. (Thanks, Raptor Trust!)

   More on Black Skimmers — endangered in New Jersey — here.

DeKorte Park Trail Guide: Digital Version

  NJMC Trails   By popular demand, we are providing a downloadable PDf of our DeKorte Park Trail Guide. This way you can see a digital version and save paper. Do not try to print it out… It is set up to be read on a computer.

   We are posting all six of our new or reprinted guides over the next week.

   Next: The Birds of the Meadowlands updated checklist.

Download NJMC_DeKorte Guide