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Counting Butterflies at DeKorte


   In the interests of citizen science, we are working up a digital tally sheet that you can copy-and-paste and use to submit butterfly sightings at DeKorte Park.
   We understand that butterfly sightings  in our part of the state are under-reported, and we wanted to at least see if we could get the ball rolling here.
   We just did a quick count, and our timing was great. We counted at least eight species, including two dozen skippers of various
types, with Broad-winged Skippers like the one above predominating.

  You can download the sheet here:

Download DeKorte Butterfly Count Sheet

   Please e-mail Jim Wright here with your butterfly counts and — equally important — suggestions on improving this work in progress.

   Results of our recent count are below.  

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Looking Ahead: July

IMG_9942-1    In case you're planning ahead, here are some Meadowlands highlights  from last July (click on the date to read the post):

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   July 13: Cormorant Vs. Eel

   July 15: Osprey Nest in Kearny

  July 28: Butterfly Report (Viceroy)

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