DeKorte Butterflies 062910 — 11 Species

  We will be doing butterfly counts at DeKorte Park from time to time this   IMG_3247
summer as schedules allow, using a new digital DeKorte Butterfly Count Sheet that the public is free to download and use.
   After our noon Marsh Discovery Trail Walk today, we counted 11 species of butterflies — including an American Lady (above) and Viceroy (right) — plus a Snowberry Clear-winged Moth.

   Download the list here:

Download DeKorte Butterfly Count Sheet

Full list and Snowberry Clearwing  photo follow.


DeKorte Park Butterfly Count

Date and Time span:  Tuesday, 062910, 1:10-1:40 p.m.

Temperature:  88 degrees

Weather conditions: Intermittent sun          

Butterfly Garden and environs, Observer(s): Jim Wright, Darlene Landati, Pat O’Shea

Swallowtails Family Papilionidae

_1_Black Swallowtail

_1_Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Whites and Sulphurs Family Pieridae

6_Cabbage White

2__Orange Sulphur

Brush-footed Butterflies Family Nymphalidae

1__American Lady

3_Red Admiral


Skippers Family Hesperiidae

_6_Silver-spotted Skipper

_2 Wild Indigo Duskywing

1  Least Skipper

X __Broad-winged Skipper

Clear-winged Moths Family Hemaris

1   Snowberry


The NJMC wishes to thank the Northern New Jersey Chapter of the North American Butterfly Association for the source material for this list.




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