Painted Turtles Basking in Carlstadt

Painted Turtles Don Smith Carlstadt Painted Turtle Don Smith CarlstadtPainted turtles are not uncommon in woodland pools, rivers, wet meadows, bogs, and slow-moving streams from Maine to Alabama. They are less common in brackish water. This pair was photographed in a brackish marsh in Carlstadt. Painted turtles spend their lives in a small area – most won’t┬átravel more than 100 meters as long as living conditions are favorable. They feed on aquatic insects, snails, small fish, and carrion, though their diet is also about 50% vegetation. When in water, they usually remain submerged. They bask on hummocks, logs, rocks – or tires, if they’re in the meadowlands. They may gather in large groups.

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