Hackensackian Godwit? Marbled? (Still here)


Upon further review, we think the Hackensackian Godwit is a Marbled Godwit…  Any thoughts?  And it is still at DeKorte — around low tide. Out the Transco Trail toward the end along the mud.

More on Marbled Godwits here.

Ron Shields wrote:

I found this guy on the mudflat off DeKorte’s Transco Trail back near the turnpike on Wednesday afternoon.

A dowitcher???  A godwit??? Any identification would be appreciated.

We are leaning toward Hackensackian Godwit. (As we all know, if it had been a bit closer to a river to the east, we would have gone with Hudsonian Godwit.)  (Thanks, Ron!)

Bird’s Eye Views of the Meadowlands

River Barge Park and environs_6559Last week, with the help of LightHawk, we took aerial photographs of several natural areas and parks in the Meadowlands.

The weather was far from cooperative (heavily overcast with a haze that never burned off), but we did get a great feel for how close everything is in the Meadowlands — yet so far away.

In one of the Losen Slote photos below, for example, you can see how close the park is to the Hudson River, but you never realize it when you are at Losen Slote.

More about LightHawk here. They are a great group.


Tuesday’s Mill Creek Marsh Walk: The Full List

1-DSCN9604Had a bracing walk with Bergen County 1-IMG_7248Audubon at Mill Creek Marsh yesterday morning, with a total of 25 species seen.

Peregrine and Kestrel gave us nice looks and flew in fairly close, and also enjoyed watching American Goldfinches chowing down on Sweetgum fruit balls (right, though not a very good pic).

Did we mention we had a great group of participants?

Full list follows.

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Coyote Sighting Near DeKorte

Mike Goodnough writes:

Just thought I’d mention a cool sighting I had on Sunday afternoon. I had just pulled out of the parking lot at DeKorte and right up on the very exposed grassy ridge line to the left (just past the train tracks) was a very healthy-looking coyote.

He was just checking things out and I quickly pulled over to grab a shot of him but a car came zipping up, saw him too and came to a quick stop right parallel to where he was thus scaring him off.

I was totally bummed to not get a pic but thought it was worth sharing since I know coyote sightings are somewhat uncommon – though perhaps not rare…

Looked like he was well-fed. Certainly a lot healthier looking than the spindly one I saw in Montclair a few years back near Watchung Reservation.

Thanks, Mike!


Hopefully if I see him again I’ll get a shot sometime.

Can You I.D. These Ducks?

5-207A1126Ron Shield passed along these recent shots from DeKorte Park. Can you I.D. all five?

Hint: One is an impostor!  (Thanks, Ron!)


Valley Brook Ave. in a Commercial

Vonage filmed part of a commercial on Valley Brook Avenue near DeKorte Park a couple of months back. If you look closely, you might even recognize the roadway.

Sorry we missed the flying Piranha during filming. That would have been a life fish for us, and likely a new species for the Meadowlands — literally, not figuratively.