New Bird Pamphlet: We Want Your Help!

Green-Winged TealThe Meadowlands Commission is considering creating a new free color brochure called “Common Birds of the Meadowlands,” with an emphasis on frequently seen birds that can be seen in DeKorte Park and along the Hackensack River.

We are thinking of dividing the birds into three sections — colder months, warmer months and year-round  — with a total of 25 birds altogether.

The idea is produce a pamphlet for young people, new birders and folks on our popular pontoon boat cruises.

(For example, we have omitted two very common birds — the Northern Cardinal and the American Robin — because we figure almost everybody recognizes them. And such rarities as Snowy Owls, Tri-colored Herons and Cinnamon Teal are just too uncommon.)

A preliminary list follows. What do you think should be added — or subtracted?

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Our Next Walk Is Tomorrow (Tuesday)

Our next walk wDSCN0007ith Bergen County Audubon Society is at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 21, at Losen Slote Creek Park in Little Ferry, where we’ll look for fall migrants and take a gander at the new butterfly garden (right).

To see what we saw on October Losen Slote walk last fall, click here.

(We saw the thrush, above, on our October Losen Slote walk two years ago.)

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Pelican Still Here (with lousy pic)

DSCN9046It’s Day 104 now… If you haven’t seen him yet (or want to see him again for some reason),

The bird is way on the Saw Mill Creek mudflats, typically near one of the green NJ Turnpike exit signs. Spotting scope is a must.

(Posting the above photo so other pix on the blog look better by comparison, and to give you a vague idea where the bird hangs out.).

Laurel Hill Peregrine Update

The Laurel Hill Peregrines who nested on the swing bridge last summer have been seen of late hanging out in the old Common Ravens nest on the cliffs. Rick Radis and Bill Smejkal saw two Peregrines in the ravens’ nest yesterday, only to be disrupted by a third raven.

Last year at about this time the Peregrines took up residence on the swing bridge that had been used the previous summer by Osprey.  They have been seen hanging out by/on the cliffs often in the past couple of years. (Thanks, Rick and Bill!)

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