Daily Archives: April 26, 2010

Seal Seen in Hackensack River at Carlstadt

Seal on dock

   This Harbor Seal was spotted this morning not far from the NJMC's Barge Club Marina construction site in Carlstadt. One of the workers there took this shot with his cellphone — hence the tiny size of the image.
   Nick Marucci of the Meadowlands Commission got his own cellphone shot of the (distant) seal after it returned to the water, at right. (Thanks, Nick!)


Forster’s Terns at DeKorte


   Mallav Naik took this shot of two Forster's Terns on the elevated boardwalk near the Meadowlands Environment Center last Monday around 6 p.m. He writes:
    "I visit DeKorte Park quite often and as a landscape photographer I have to say its one of the most beautiful parka in this area.  The sunrise and sunsets are to be marveled.  The city as a backdrop and the unique marsh environment makes for some really stunning pictures.
  "Some of my best photographs were taken this park and will continue to do so every time I visit.  I believe protecting this environment and even perhaps expanding it should be of utmost importance."
   (Thanks, Mallav!)