Sunday’s Peregrine — Did You Photograph It?

Several folks at Butterfly Day were lucky enough to get a few quick looks at a perched Peregrine Falcon.

We managed to take a few photos, including the one above. The bird is banded, and young.

While we go over our pix to see if we can read anything on the band, we wonder if anyone else was able to photograph the falcon.

Kathy Clark of New Jersey's Endangered and Threatened Species Program writes: "All the states are banding using the same protocol, and Eastern US states all use black/green bicolor band on the left leg. 

"We would need a read of the alpha-numerics to ID this bird's origin.  It could be from NYC …there are a lot of possibilities.  I couldn't make out any characters, but if we can get even a partial read we may be able to narrow it down. 

"Also, some states color the federal band:  NJ's fed bands are black, VA's are green.  Most states still have silver fed bands, but that sometimes helps narrow it."

Kathy says that because of the silver band on the right leg, "this time of year it's most likely to be a NY bird, but early fledglings are moving around already, so it could be a bird from PA or further north that has started south."


One thought on “Sunday’s Peregrine — Did You Photograph It?

  1. Mike G.

    The Jersey City birds are banded black/green on the left leg and black-banded on the right, so I guess this guy is an interloper.


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