Daily Archives: November 20, 2012

Today’s Laurel Hill Walk

DSCN2437Nine of us visited Laurel Hill in Secaucus for today's Third-Tuesday walk, a change of venue because of hurricane damage elsewhere.

Highlights included a pair of Common Ravens — one of which stopped by the old nesting site for a brief visit (above).

As Ray Duffy had e-mailed us earlier, much of the old nest was washed away by Hurricane Sandy. It was good to see the ravens at the nest again — they did not nest there in 2012.

Other highlights included a Great Cormorant on the swing bridge, and brief encounter between two Red-tails and the two ravens.

We'll post the full list and more ravens pix on Friday.

Tuesday Teaser: Special Cleanup Edition

Volunteers found the skulls of two small mammals during the Harrier Meadow cleanup. We photogrpahed them before passing them along to the Bergen County Audubon Society folks, who will use them in the classroom…

Can you ID either/both skulls?

To another view of the skulls and to see a few more bones (feel free to ID), plus a baseball that seemed to survive the storm unscathed, continue reading.

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