Don Torino’s Latest Column: Peregrines

Don Torino’s latest column for is on the wonderful rebound of Peregrine Falcons in the Meadowlands.

Here’s a sample.

Still listed as an Endangered species in New Jersey, The Peregrine Falcon had a total of 24 nests and produced 57 young in New Jersey in 2013. In the Meadowlands area they now nest on bridges and buildings and display their lethal hunting skills plunging into their relentless deadly dives at almost 200mph over places like DeKorte Park, Mill Creek Marsh Trail and along the legendary Disposal road. 

The Meadowlands is also prime hunting territory where you might find them preying on birds as large as a Great Blue Heron and as small as a Kinglet. The timeless hunter has finally returned home.

Peregrines search the skies over places like the New Jersey Meadowlands once again as monarchs of their domain, fearless and unafraid. We should be diligent never to take the sight of this extraordinary bird for granted, not even once. Not even a single glance should go without the proper reverence as it would lessen the struggle and triumph of such an incredible creature.

Here’s the link.

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