Wanted: Groundhog News & Recent Photos

One ugly fellow
We received a complaint earlier this week that this blog has not featured groundhogs in quite some time — even though we did post something just last month (link here).

The bizarre complaint did give us an excuse to run this equally bizarre 2012 Meadowlands groundhog photo by Dennis Cheeseman.

Can anybody help with some new groundhog pix?

One thought on “Wanted: Groundhog News & Recent Photos

  1. francisco

    We are very quick to dismiss the ground hog and I congratulate the blog for bringing it up.
    Marmota monex is a fascinating animal who is also known to be very aggressive.
    They can hibernate from November to April (that is a long nap). If you see two of these together its because they are mating and once the mating is over they become solitary animals. Alone and in a perpetual bad mood is really no way to go through life.


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