Monk Parakeets and More

00 B Parakeet, Monk 001cf MCP Mdwlnds NJ 050215 OK FLICKRMickey Raine  sent this report  (and these great photos!) yesterday:

This past Saturday I stopped by Mill Creek Point… I was standing by the Greenway [arch], a pair of mating Monk Parakeets… landed in the children’s playground.  They did not seem nervous… almost posing at times.  I spent a good 15 minutes observing them.”

Mickey also shared a link to a 2010 article about wild Monk Parakeets in the northeast:

He continued, “Also, in the pool of water… just before reaching the circle, a Greater Yellowleg was poking into the water.  And only…7 or 8 feet away was this rather large Snapping Turtle…it seemed to be basking in the sun.”  Thanks, Mickey and Elaine.
00 B Yellowleg Greater 002cf MCP Mdwlnds NJ 050215 OK FLICKR 00 R&A Turtle Snapping 001f MCP Mdwlnds NJ 050215 OK FLICKR


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