Use Caution Driving At DeKorte!


Please use caution when driving on DeKorte Park and Disposal Road. Chris Takacs relayed this info on Friday:

I watched this Yellow Warbler get hit by a car on Disposal Rd. near the bus lot. The car was travelling probably 35 MPH. I believe he was only stunned, but was sitting in the road ready to be hit again. I picked him up off the road and gave him about 5 minutes of warmth and shelter. He seemed to recover a lot and flew off to the edge of the landfill. This is the second day I’ve seen this. Yesterday I found 2 dead Barn Swallows.

Thank you Chris for relaying this important information. Also, in addition to the birds, there are schoolchildren, visitors and staff using the park and walking through crosswalks everyday. Please drive slow and be aware of your surroundings. Much appreciatied!

One thought on “Use Caution Driving At DeKorte!

  1. Bill Giaimo

    I’m new to DeKorte Park and so confused about “Disposal Road”. At the entrance to the park that road that leads to the right has a sign of “Private Property” or “Authorized Vehicles Only”. Are we allowed to ignore that warning?


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