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Special Ruff Walk Tomorrow!!

Ruff HarrierMeadow

The Bergen County Audubon Society will lead a very special walk in Harrier Meadow tomorrow morning to see if we can spot the Ruff. Our rare avian visitor from Eurasia was spotted by NJSEA staff in the Meadow this morning. Access to Harrier will be from 8 am to 11 am only. This walk is limited to viewing of the rare shorebird. There is no guarantee that the bird will be seen.

Please wear approrpiate clothing and bug spray to protect against mosquitoes and flies. Heavy rain cancels.

Harrier Meadow is located off Disposal Road in North Arlington, adjacent to DeKorte Park.






Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: Don’t Skip the Skippers While Butterfly Watching

Courtesy Patrick Carney

Least Skipper Courtesy Patrick Carney

silver spot joeSilver Spotted Skipper

Wild Indigo Dusky Wing Credit: Marie Longo

Wild Indigo Dusky Wing
Credit: Marie Longo

Of course we have our much beloved Monarchs, the stalely Swallowtails, the gorgeous Gossamer-wings  and the beautiful Brush Foots, but there is another group of butterflies, more diverse and challenging than all the others,  but very often overlooked when most folks are out enjoying the butterflies of the Meadowlands. They are the Skippers.

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