Monitoring Monarchs


For the past five weeks Marie Longo (left) of the BCAS has been busy tagging Monarch Butterflies at several locations including DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst, the Leonia section of Overpeck Park and other locations. Marie is a seasoned tagging pro and has been monitoring Monarchs for years.

Tagging Monarchs is a citizen scientist project led by Monarch Watch at the University of Kansas and it’s important because, as Don Torino wrote in his column last week, by tracking Monarchs movements as they migrate south to Mexico, scientists can gain information to aid the unfortunately fast disappearing species.

“If the Monarch survives the long, perilous migration journey to Mexico, the tags are recovered and reported to Monarch Watch,” Marie said.  “Monarch Watch posts a list of recovered tags in the spring.  I eagerly anticipate the posting of the list each year to see if one of my tagged Monarchs has been reported.”

As Don wrote last week, “if you see a tagged Monarch do not try to catch it. Instead get a photo and try to read the tag number, and please let us know at

For more info on Monarch watch go to


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