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Regina Geoghan: Rollin Down the River With BCAS

Pontoon Boatride Hackensack River – BCAS sponsored trip

Thanks so much to Regina Geoghan for sharing her thoughts on last Thursday’s Birding By Boat trip in vivid detail with some great analogies. We look forward to more of Regina’s writing!

Photographs taken while on a Bergen County Audubon Society Ponntoon Ride on August 17, 2017. diamondback terrapin turtle, osprey, Great Egret, Great Blue Heron.

A slight breeze ruffled the humid, warm air under hazy skies, foretelling a sultry, hot August afternoon to come.  At 10 a.m.,though, it was comfortable as people boarded pontoon boats for a trip along the Hackensack River and its tributary creeks.

Birders of all levels, binoculars and cameras ready, were eager to head out to explore the sights and sounds that the New Jersey Meadowlands waters and marshland would reveal to them on this day. Gulls and cormorants, perched on marina poles, squawked a bon voyage as we departed and headed south.

With the boats purring along at a leisurely pace, the breeze picked up, and the magic of the Meadowlands took hold.  Before long, a few Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets were spotted on the river banks and any thoughts other than enjoying the peacefulness and the anticipation of the trip were blown away with the gentle wind.

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