Daily Archives: October 17, 2019

Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: Finally Fall

Just as the Goldenrods bring in the last of the Monarchs and the Asters and Wild Ageratums attract the final Bumble Bees of the season Fall has finally arrived. Of course, we are the only creatures that ever feel the need to question nature on such things as the changing of the seasons.

After all every Robin never questions when it is time to load up on Hawthorne and Holly berries. All the shorebirds understand they need to move ahead and gather on the mudflats for the long journey south and the Pintails, Shovelers and Bufflehead by some deeply understood instinct over time and immemorial recognize when they need to travel south to open water before winter sets in.

The Fall for us is about keeping the same faith. Every birder, nature lover, gardener or anyone that has ever gazed out the backyard window searching for the first White Throated Sparrow of the season knows this in our hearts 

Autumn has been well on its way for some time now. Our boots rustle through the russet, reds and creamy colors of the fallen leaves, the days much shorter and the clouds overhead are unexplainably different and that first brisk jacketed morning gives energy to our hearts and enlivens our souls in ancient ways in anticipation of the coming season.

The Juncos will arrive under your feeders, the delicate American Tree Sparrow will make its annual magical long distance journey to our fields and meadows, and the Bald Eagles will gather along our rivers and lakes before fall allows winter to bring in the next enchanted time of year.

We need to connect more with nature, not only for our own health but also the wellbeing of the rest of society.

Nature is the one thing we can depend on no matter what. Some of us may just let it go by without a glance but to those of us who have the faith to let it in it will refresh our souls forever.