Daily Archives: January 12, 2023

MRRI Staff Participate in National and Regional Conferences

The Meadowlands Research and Restoration Institute (MRRI) is a critical NJSEA department. Through their daily work and long-term studies, MRRI plays an absolutely critical role in helping to improve the Meadowlands Environment and wildlife habitats, both now and for the long-term future.

MRRI staff recently spoke at several national and regional conferences, further highlighting the respect and admiration rightly given to the Institute by organizations throughout the country. Co-Director and Chief Restoration Scientist Terry Doss was a panelist and spoke at two conferences: “Long Term Restoration Results and Lessons Learned in the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary” and the “Restore America’s Estuaries Coastal & Estuarine Summit.” Chief Chemist and Laboratory Supervisor Cheryl Yao presented at the American Geophysical Meeting.

Read all about Terry and Cheryl’s presentations in the news section of the MRRI website – click here